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Welcome to the Kitchen Pages KitCAD (™) web page and Free Kitchen Design Software Downloads page.  As the name states 'Kit CAD' allows users to get downloads as parts for allowing CADD, CAD, or CAM solution data or image managers. KitCAD 2 runs on win32 or an older win9x compliant computer operating system while KitCAD i3 works in modern Web Browsers and KitCAD i3 rX supports the latest modern Web Browser standards inclusive of HTML5 with WebGL enabled 3D renderings.

The KitCAD computer software applications have been designed towards kitchen manufacturers to provide users with both document editing design and computer rendered photo-real views as free online 3D kitchen design software downloads, free online 3D kitchen cabinet design software program and Web site applications, or as a freeware software program system that can be used with multiple operating environments. Even if you do not intend to purchase an application I do suggest that you download this one simply for a good read...

KitCAD 2 and KitCAD i3 include photo real 3D rendered views with a small additional software download. The KitCAD i3 rX software and online 3D kitchen design Web pages is the latest release and includes photo real 3D rendered views without any additional software downloads. Web Browser clients with Dial-up access to the Internet or those without the latest modern Web Browser standards supporting HTML5 or without WebGL required display hardware can Start KitCAD i3 in place of using the latest release. Web Browser clients with the latest modern Web Browser standards supporting HTML5 can Start KitCAD i3 rX in place of using the previous release.

There have been several KitCAD versions made with rotation and rendering views which have been distributed over the Internet to the world as a free kitchen design software download for the public, kitchen industry, cabinet makers, freeware 3D kitchen design software users, and woodworkers.

You can download KitCAD now.  The KitCAD software is designed to be used on more than one computer by more than one kitchen cabinet designer or user.

osi The C++ source code used to create KitCAD is distrubted under a modified GNU Licence.


..:: Kitchen Design Software Development Details ::..

- Started plans/making KitCAD1 on 01/03/1999 -
- The First Real Beta Views 06/01/2000 -
- First uploaded on the 08/01/2000 -
- Added Basic 3D Views 30/04/2001 -
- Added Other KitCAD Views 25/05/2003 -
- Added OpenGL to KitCAD2 renderings 30/09/2003 -
- Began testing for public release of KitCAD2.25Ds aka KitCAD i3 09/03/2004 -
- Uploaded first release of new_drawing / KitCAD i3 10/11/2004 -
- Released kp2svg.exe for supporting Plan-View 2D Renderings 01/12/2004 -
- Released kp2vrml97.exe for supporting Photo Realistic 3D Renderings 01/12/2004 -
- Released beta KitCAD4 MIRC script for realtime environments 31/03/2005 -
- Released KitCAD2v5 & KitCAD i3 library Search Engine interfaces 01/07/2006 -
- Released KitCAD i3 KGC library javascript interfaces 11/12/2006 -
- Released KitCAD i3 web pages BETA upgraded for KGC interfaces 02/1/2007 -
- Released Kitchen Page BETA for KitCAD i3 KGC interfaces 26/06/2008 -
- Released Libsys Online BETA for KitCAD2 and KitCAD i3 KGC 02/01/2009 -
- Released KitCAD i3 KGC r3 for Web page Browser interfaces 30/12/2012 -
- Released KitCAD i3 KGC r5 and KitCAD i3 KGC r50 23/10/2013 -
- Released KitCAD i3 KGC rX (r5se) 31/10/2014 -

KitCAD2 limited data exporting supports the following:
Extra file formats supported with additional software download may include VRML, X3D, Hoops HMF, SVG, XML, OBDC, and many more

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